Welcome to Mel Fisher’s Treasures Research Archives!
This site has been created as an archive and repository for the many reports and publications of our maritime cultural heritage that have been produced during our work on the 1622 Fleet shipwrecks of the Nuestra Senor de Atocha and Santa Margarita over the last 50 years that is available for the benefit of scholars, researchers and the general public.


We wish to encourage those in academic vocations, interested government agencies as well as interested laypersons to participate in the dissemination of the knowledge gleaned from these publications. Our hope is that the historical and archaeological data extracted from the site, the archives presented in these documents may add to the body of knowledge regarding these shipwrecks, their salvage, history and archaeology. It is our sincere hope that future generations of people will access these offerings and remember this great adventure, the fabulous treasures that were recovered and the dedication of those folks who, against overwhelming odds brought this lost part of history to light.