2016_08_21 Atocha Onyx Square


By James Sinclair, MA
(contributions by Gary Randolph)

The Quest for the remainder of the wreckage representing the remains of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, 1622 moved on with the same dogged determination that has been the hallmark of this endeavor since its inception by the late Mel Fisher in 1969.

The teams that have worked together to find these remains have changed through the years but the heirs of Mel Fisher have kept the dream alive with the same single-minded enthusiasm that has marked all the years of this quest. This is the 47th year of the work undertaken to recover the artifacts and treasures of the Atocha.

Through this time, there have been years that have produced more and less evidence of the wrecking process. 2016 was a year that showed less in the way of significant recoveries. Undoubtedly as the years go by, this pattern will continue. It is the hope of management, Captains and crews and of course the investors that this determined effort will in fact reveal the remainder of the precious cargo and artifacts.

This past year one of the most interesting of the artifacts, unique in fact, was a small square section of onyx.